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The "Internationale Stiftung Leben" (ISL) is a non-profit and independent foundation under civil law. With the first endowment from the founder of the ISL, the first stone was placed. The ISL was built during the lifetime of the founder, but he has deliberately avoided the usual individual names in the Foundation name.

ISL-statute extract:

§ 1  Legal status 

(1) The Foundation is named "Internationale Stiftung Leben". 

(2) It is an independent public foundation and is based in Hanover.

§ 2  Purpose of the Foundation 

(1) The Foundation pursues exclusively charitable purposes within the meaning of section "tax purposes" of the Tax Code (AO).

(2) The purpose of the Foundation is the promotion and preservation of life, including in particular the promotion of the protection of marriage and family and the elderly assistance, and the promotion of science and research in the field of district heating, of renewable energy sources and the ecological construction.

If you wish, we will send you the full statute (contact).

The Foundation covers many areas of our lives and can be active in a large area.

Our job is to help wherever we can, and the focus of our work is to strengthen the community in various fields.





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