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Our Foundation offers many opportunities - both for the elderly but also for younger citizens to be there. You can support our projects or propose new projects. Gifts to our Foundation can be made as a donation or as an endowment.

Compared to a donation, the endowment is mainly characterized by its lasting impact. Thus, the endowment is a specific and particularly sustainable method of promoting. Through them administrative costs and expenses can be avoided, which usually occur in the establishment of its own foundation.

By your support, long-term or new projects can be financed. The foundation has the opportunity to secure lasting projects - so permanent projects are available for generations.


The best and easiest way to help the foundation is a direct transfer to the account of the ISL.


  Bank details:


DE12 8705 8000 0101 0315 99

(Konto: 10 10 31 599)




(BLZ: 87 05 8000 )



Sparkasse Vogtland


If you would like to strongly support the purpose of the ISL, so please contribute your transfer under purpose the word "endowment". This will give you the same tax advantages as the establishment of its own foundation. With a endowment you make a gift to the future.

Form grant commitment

(pdf - only in German language available)

You can send us in advance or to follow up of a donation (endowment) the form of a grant commitmen, see above.  The form also asked whether you would like to be mentioned on our website with the name and optionally logo.


Additional forms of help for the foundation you will find under the following link:

Additional forms of help
(pdf- only in German language available)



Please specify in the "purpose" of the transfer or in the grant commitment (see above) your name and full address. Please also fill in the name and address, if it is a company or organization - thank you!

You can request a confirmation of your donation money. Please take care that you have filled in your name and your address for receipt of the confirmation.

The ISL is a non profit organization. Donations to the ISL are accordingly tax deductible.






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