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As part of our long established foundation's purpose, we can help to promote either an existing non-profit project that you like, or one at which you are already working for. In coordination with the ISL statutes, it is also possible to launch a new project.

Unlike most foundations, the ISL is regionally independent. The Foundation can act anywhere in Germany. Even abroad, the Foundation's purpose can be followed. The support of a project in Nepal was also possible.

As young foundation actors, a foundation established in 2007, we are open to a foundation merger. The future new foundation law should facilitate cooperation (amalgamation) on a nationwide level. Current state laws no longer stand in the way of such a project. Reasons for a merger could be:

  • Insufficient funds to pursue the foundation's purpose in the long term (the ISL could provide support here)

  • Lack of succession (aging of the board)

  • No time for foundation work (other activities)

It is possible, in addition to the usual donation to charitable projects, to support in the way  of the Matching-Fund. In this case gives the foundation to a donation an amount added "leverage for social activity" (A contact is necessary in advance because only limited funds are available).


  • Steps of a project funding (pdf - only in German language available).

  • Funding application to ISL (pdf - only in German language available)

  • Template for reference (docx / pdf - only in German language available).

  • Sample of an exemption notice from the tax office (jpg - only in German language available)

  • Sample of a donation receipt (jpg).
    The corresponding form (depending on the legal form of your organization, e.g. e.V., foundation etc.) is available for download from the tax office, e.g. hier.

  • Overview of charitable purposes according to the tax code (pdf - only in German language available)






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